Instructions for use Toxic OFF

Toxic shutdown instructions

Medical treatment with toxic OFF capsules from parasites can eliminate tissue and organ infections. The organic formula is 100% natural. It helps to get rid of dangerous worms and worms, restore health and strengthen immunity.


Organic non-toxic capsules contain active natural ingredients:

  • Wormwood Wormwood Extract-Under the influence of its ingredients that stop eating, moving and reproducing, it has a significant paralytic effect on the nervous system of the parasite;
  • Turmeric, turmeric, turmeric-Eliminates worms in a natural way, and gradually eliminates its important active toxic products, reduces inflammation and strengthens the immune system;
  • Gotu Kola or Centella asiatica-has an obvious nourishing effect, improves digestion, and promotes tissue recovery after parasite infection in living organisms;
  • Amla or emblica, Phyllanthus emblica, Emblica officinalis-a sacred tree in India that acts specifically on the body and helps clean and restore tissues;
  • Celery fragrant or aromatic celery-It has obvious protective function and forms a natural protective barrier in the body to prevent re-infection and strengthen the immune system.

Dosage form


Pharmacology Group

Oral antiparasitic drugs.

Pharmacological properties

Toxic OFF parasite protector can provide treatment and prevention, and gradually clean the tissues of eggs and larvae.

  • The active ingredients can neutralize parasites, larvae and destroy eggs, thereby preventing recurrence and re-infection;
  • Relieve itching and the deterioration of allergic reactions caused by toxic decay products parasitic in living organisms;
  • Eliminate intestinal discomfort and clean the gastrointestinal tract of the worm. The worm will completely block the internal passages, causing cramps and stopping digestion;
  • Treat the remaining organs damaged by worms, eliminate the root causes of diseases, clean and restore the body.
How to take toxic OFF capsules

Capsules have effective effects compared with other products. They cleanse, neutralize and remove parasites from the body in a natural way.

The validity of the toxicity table is listed in the instruction table:


Parasitic diseases of any cause, including worms, worms, eggs and larvae. Can fight all known types of parasites. Prevent re-infection and disease recurrence.


Including hypersensitivity reactions to specified components of the drug.

Use functions

Toxic closure is for internal use only, please pay attention to instructions and contraindications. Usage: In the morning on an empty stomach, take 12 capsules before meals. One week after treatment, it is recommended to take the drug repeatedly to prevent re-infection of the worms hatched by the eggs.

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